DIY wedding

It’s amazing the work that goes into making a wedding personal and special. I have a great respect for the brides who do it themselves with the help of family and friends. Everything you see in these images was done with love. My September couple was pretty special to me. Courtney took care of my kids when I worked, and because I knew she had such a special talent, I dragged her to a few of my weddings as a second. It didn’t surprise me to see all the special details that went into her wedding day. The day was just beautiful, and Courtney and Derek are the sweetest couple. Everything from the flowers, to the ceremony, to the last call, Perfection! My favorite moment of the day was when I was photographing Courtney’s portraits upstairs before the ceremony and i told her to turn to look out the window. Derek just happened to be there at that moment, and Courtney’s face glowed and she was over come with emotions. Such a lucky girl to feel such joy.

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