I never felt my heart soar till they handed me my first son. By the fourth, I just floated. Part because I was exhausted taking care of all these babies, and the other half because they were everything to me. I call them my Grace, my piece of Heaven, my heart, and my lucky charm. They will always be that. I document their lives because I never want to forget those little things that change with age. The giggles, the cuteness, the goofiness, the seriousness, the teen stages, the missing teeth, and all the great smiles. I never want to forget when they were 5 they loved this toy, and when they were 10 they liked to scare me walking like a zombie. I encourage everyone to find a great photographer, at least every 5 years. Forget about the cost, forget about the studio poses, let the kids run and the artist capture the fun. Childhood is everything.

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