NY wedding

I had the great privilege of traveling to Auburn, NY for this wedding. I grew up here, and spend many years going to all the places I photographed Lisa & Josh at. Auburn is very rich in history. My home was right down the street from Sewards house. We can thank him for buying Alaska for us. Harriet Tubman is buried here. I sat on her grave as a young child never really understanding the amazing things she did to free the slaves. As an adult I am humbled by her will and strength. The Finger Lakes are here, the prison, history of Native Americans, you name it.  The church my couple was married in, all Tiffany. I mean all; the floor, the lighting, the beautiful windows, and more. Truly a work of art.

The theater is also part of Auburn history. I saw my first Disney movie here, Bambi. I’ll never forget what a treat it was to sit in those seats and eat popcorn.

The reception place was right on Owasco Lake. My childhood is full of memories of riding in my family boat, and renting a house on the lake to spend the summer swimming. Ohhh, the Great Race! How fun it is to watch or be one of the competitors. And yes just like Lisa I had a love for the Rocket slide. It was this huge slide that scared and excited you all at once. It took me years to work up my nerve to go down the big slide part. When you did, WOW, it was the coolest. You just couldn’t get enough of going up and sliding your way down. It’s not there anymore, but I was told it was being restored, and will have a new home soon. Lisa’s Dad talked about this slide at the wedding, how it was even scary as a parent, letting your kid go up it for the first time. How every step in life is a bit scary, but yes what joy and happiness we can have from taking that ride. And as a parent how much a blessing it is to see your child accomplish their dreams, and find love and happiness.

It was apparent how much love Lisa & Josh had for one another. The way they looked at each other made your heart melt. The great care Josh took in finding the right words to telling Lisa, their families, and friends how much she meant to him, brought sweet tears to every ones eyes. It was a joy creating such amazing photographs for them.

I wish Lisa & Josh the best in their marriage. I hope every day is a new adventure that keeps them growing stronger together. As you can see from some of these pictures they have no fear of taking that ride and enjoying each moment.

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