My baby boy

For those who saw me in my 9th month still running around photographing like a champ and getting worried I’d have the kid then and there(LOL), here is my handsome little man. Of course we had to run right home and take his first official portrait session.

Deidre & Larry, June 11, 2011

Beautiful wedding at the Riverview. This is a highly recommended place to hold your ceremony and reception. They do a great job with keeping everything on track, and every time I photograph there they seem to always be improving. I can’t say enough about this couple. They were so much fun to photograph. Deidre has…

Traditional photography

I love photographing freestyle, but there’s such a need to understand the traditional ways of photographing a subject. My advice to all the new photographers out there is go learn from someone who was a great photographer when film was king. The right lighting, proper posing, and traditional techniques still need to be applied, even…

Sarah & Adam – New York wedding

This wedding took place in beautiful upstate New York. The referral came from one of my high school friends. It’s the best thing in the world when people believe in you enough to recommend you, especially with such an important job as photographing a wedding. Thanks Kelly… Please view slideshow here – Sarah & Adam