I decided I wanted to be a wedding photographer because I wanted to create amazing images for couples, and make sure they had their entire day captured forever. Wedding photographers have the hardest job.  With sessions, if something happens you can just re-shoot. You can pick and choose the days, depending on the weather and lighting to ensure perfect images. When photographing a wedding, you deal with what ever you get. From bad weather, cameras malfunctioning, guests and other vendors not respecting the photographers job, to churches and halls having bad lighting, etc, etc, etc.  There are so many challenges, that one must be able adjust for, and be ready for anything.  A wedding photographer get one chance and one chance only to get the perfect photograph. This is why it is so important for you to hire a professional photographer who knows from experience, and through education of how to handle photographing a weddings.  You will get that with Lynne Ann photography.

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