Problem areas

I’m always checking out the competition. I want to see what their offering, and what I can do to better service my clients. One thing I noticed is problem areas.  We all have them. Nobody is perfect. Even models and actors have their areas. Of course medical science has found way to remove this issues. Me? I use proper lighting, posing or angles, and if that doesn’t work, photoshop. I really don’t understand why these other photographers are posting images where things aren’t tucked in, blemishes touched up, etc. Either they don’t see it, they don’t care, or they are not educated in photoshop. At Lynne Ann Photography we want you to look your best in your images. We do everything we can to make sure things look right. It’s not taking away from you, it’s just enhancing your best, hiding your un-favorites, and perfecting your images.

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